Pet portraits


We are fully booked with Pet Portraits for the month of June!
We will be taking orders again from the 1st of July.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you in July! 

As all pet owners know, animals aren't just a pet, they are part of the family. They have their own personalities and a special connection with their humans. Dee's custom pet portraits are as unique as your pet’s personality. Working from a photo, Dee capture's their character and quirks, and is a perfect gift or keepsake for any animal lover. The connection with a pet can be so precious, particularly if they have passed away. Dee's original artworks bring their spirit back to life so that you can cherish them forever.

What medium does Dee use to paint her pet portraits?

Each original pet portrait will be painted in water colour on a smooth 300gsm Arches natural coloured paper.

What sizes do the pet portraits come in?

Dee offers custom pet portraits in two sizes, A4 and A3.

What is the cost associated with purchasing a Pet Portrait?

A4 Portrait - One Pet - $450 |  A3 Portrait - One Pet - $550 |  A3 Landscape - Two Pets - $800

What is the maximum number of pets Dee can paint in the one pet portrait?

The maximum number of pets Dee can fit in an A4 size pet portrait is 1
The maximum number of pets Dee can fit in an A3 size pet portrait is 2. The A3 pet portraits with 2 pets will be painted in a landscape orientation.

How long will it take for Dee to complete a Pet Portrait?

Custom pet portraits can take up to 8 weeks to complete. This can vary depending on size and work involved.

I would like to purchase a portrait as a gift and need it for a specific date, is this possible?

Gifting a pet portrait is such a great idea! What a personal gift! If you have a specific date you need your portrait by please contact Dee prior to purchasing and she will let you know if this is possible.

Do you offer a framing service with your Pet Portraits?

No, unfortunately not. All custom pieces will be signed and numbered in pencil and will be mailed in a protective sleeve along with a cardboard backing, in a sturdy document mailer.

After I have purchased a custom pet portrait can I order multiple prints? And what size do these prints come in?

Absolutely! What a nice way to share your pet portrait with other family members.
Dee can organise a professional scan and giclee print of your original portrait in either A4 or A3 sizes.
If you are interested in this option contact Dee and she will provide you with a quote.

After I have purchased a custom pet portrait can I have it printed onto a tea towel, pillowcase or cushion?

How cute would that be! Unfortunately this service is not available at the moment however we are looking into it and will be sure to let you know if it becomes an option.

What does Dee paint from? Does my Pet have to come in for a sitting?

Getting any pet to sit still whilst having their portrait painted for hours would be challenging to say the least! This is why Dee paints from photographs that you send through of your pet. 

What type of photos should I send to Dee?

When you are ready to place your order for a custom pet portrait you will be required to upload up to 3 high resolution photos of your pet. The photos will need to be front on, torso up, in natural light, with a clear indication of your pets eyes, after all they are the window to the soul! Keep in mind, the better the photo the better the portrait! If you can't decide on the image to use and have a few goodies, send them all through and Dee can offer her advice.


'Our portrait of Dexter arrived and I cannot tell you how happy I am. I shed a tear, I felt like he was here again for a moment. It is such an accurate and stunning portrait and truly captures what a beautiful boy he was. I can feel the love and care that has gone into creating this artwork and I am beyond overjoyed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.'

"It is absolutely beautiful and spot on! Thank you so much. She sits near the baby change table and we see her everyday!!! You are truly talented!!"

"I received the painting today and I am THRILLED to say the least. You have done an incredible job at capturing my little Sunny's personality. You truly have a wonderful talent. Thank you so much!"


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  • Winter nights done well with Duke the Dachshund! Hope you've had a beautiful weekend x
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  • Meet Raff// A ball obsessed Foxy! Raff loves treats and will do just about anything for a reward! Full of love for his humans, he will take any opportunity to snuggle on a free lap!
You were a pleasure to paint Raff x
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