We exist to celebrate your unique personality and bring joy through art that tells a story.

With a range of prints and products including greeting cards, prints, tea towels and pillowcases, For Me By Dee products can be found sitting pretty in over 100 boutique stockists across Australia and continues to gather interest from across the globe. For Me By Dee’s artwork is timeless, simple and suitable for any room – nursery, lounge room or bedroom. Each piece is unique and sure to brighten and add character to any home.

Designed and hand painted lovingly in Dee’s studio, each animal character is carefully considered and developed. They begin as a sketch, taking shape with layers of watercolour paint and many detailed brushstrokes. Once their eyes are complete they truly come alive and their quirky characters take on a life of their own!

Our playful and vibrant characters are full of fun and perfect for children and adults alike. With over 35 characters in the range, there’s an animal character for everyone - so which one is just like you?

Daniella Leo, or Dee, is the Melbourne artist behind For Me By Dee.

Dee’s formal training includes a Bachelor of Communication Design from RMIT. She is self taught in watercolour, and has a recognisable, signature style that is simple, clean and colourful.

Dee worked in the corporate jungle as a graphic designer. Spending her days creating graphics for lawn and gardening listings in the Yellow Pages, she knew she had so much untapped creative energy. Painting and creating were her passions, but she didn’t know where to focus that energy. During a point in her life when she felt creatively restricted and unhappy, Dee asked herself, “What am I going to draw?”

Animals brought a sense of happiness, humor, and simplicity. Animals didn’t come with issues – they served as an escape and brought joy. Dee decided to not only create animals that were visually appealing, but also bring to life interesting characters that exuded personalities of their own.

A play on “per me”, which means “for me” in Italian, Dee took a leap of faith to pursue her creative passion and For Me By Dee was born.

In a way, the characters and their stories represent different times in Dee’s journey.

Through these characters, we hope you find your story and celebrate the unique individual that is you.




Celebrate your authentic self 

Be honest and true to yourself – don’t try to be someone else

Be kind

Respect the uniqueness and beauty of each and every one of us

Challenge the status quo

Be curious and question why

Live a life of adventure 

Don’t be afraid to try, make mistakes, and learn through experience

Give your 100% 

Value the finer details. Go the extra mile to make someone feel special

  • Meet Raff// A ball obsessed Foxy! Raff loves treats and will do just about anything for a reward! Full of love for his humans, he will take any opportunity to snuggle on a free lap!
You were a pleasure to paint Raff x
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  • Monday nights spent with Mitch the Major Mitchell in the most beautiful lounge room x
Created by these gems @theimagetakers
  • A little while back I painted these two cuties for the lovely @joshandjenna They now look over little Freddie in her nursery! 💛
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  • Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mumma. Here she is supporting me follow my dreams always with a smile on her face. Thinking of all those beautiful woman who are not here with us today but forever in our hearts x
  • A pet can speak a thousand words without saying anything at all x